Our Services

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Cutting & Edging

We offer a cutting service that will cut any board according to your size and requirements.

We provide the ffg edging:

  • 0.4mm PVC edging
  • 1mm PVC edging
  • 2mm PVC edging
  • Gloss Edging
  • 0.5mm Veneer edging
  • 1mm Veneer edging
  • 2mm Veneer edging

Drilling, Grooving, Cut Outs

We offer a drilling service for pot holes that fit pot hinges. We also offer a grooving for masonite inserts for backing and drawer bottoms. We offer cut outs for glass inserts on doors.

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Wrapping & Delivery

We offer a wide range of wrap door options in terms of design, colour and finishes. Delivery time for wrap doors: 7-10 working days.

Deliveries can be made on request. On-time deliveries will depend on the type availability and quantity of timber ordered. In all cases delivery will be for the account buyer.

Online Cutting & Wrap Order System

We have an online cutting and wrap order system which is simple and easy. Simply fill in and send and we will gladly quote as per your requirements.